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Which is better, extender or KVM extender? What's the difference?

2021-04-09 14:00:58 ekL

Introduction to Extender

       Generally speaking, in the field of audio and video, extenders are devices that extend audio and video signals to a certain distance. They are generally composed of a transmitter and a receiver. At least a pair can be used for normal use. Some extenders also support one-to-many, RS232 And infrared signal extension function; from the functional classification, there are those that simply extend the audio signal, such as the audio optical transceiver 4SA; there are those that simply extend the video signal, such as the VGA extender VE300; the ones that simply extend the USB signal, such as the USB extender UE ; There are also audio and video synchronization extensions, such as HDMI extender HC100, etc.; the media used from the extender can be divided into: optical fiber extender, network cable extender and wireless extender

Physical Picture of USB Extender

Physical Picture of USB Extender

Introduction to KVM Extender

       The KVM extender can be said to be an upgraded version of the traditional extender. On the basis of extending the audio and video signals, the USB extension function is added. Using the KVM extender on the computer host can use 1 set at a distance of 100 meters or kilometers. Keyboard, mouse and a monitor control the computer to watch movies, chat, type, office, etc.; KVM extenders can also be divided into: KVM optical fiber extenders and KVM network cable extenders from the medium used; KVM extenders are generally used in data centers and nuclear power plants , High-speed rail stations and other remote control scenarios

Physical image of KVM extender

Physical image of KVM extender

The difference between extender and KVM extender

       Extenders are a big category. KVM extenders are a branch of extenders. The same point between extenders and KVM extenders is to extend the signal to a certain distance. The difference is that KVM extenders can extend audio and video at the same time. It can also extend the USB signal synchronously for the use of keyboard and mouse, or even the use of U disk; some advanced KVM extenders also support the extension of RS232 and microphone signals (such as the 100-meter HDMI KVM network cable extender HU100); popular Generally speaking, the difference between a common extender and a KVM extender is whether it can extend the video signal and the USB signal at the same time.

Physical image of HDMI KVM network cable extender

HDMI Physical image of HDMI KVM network cable extender

Extender or KVM extender which is better

       In terms of function, KVM extenders are better than ordinary extenders. In terms of actual use, we need to choose the appropriate extender according to our needs. For example, if we just want to extend the USB signal, then for me, the USB extender It's better than KVM extender; if you want to extend the audio and video signal, such as placing advertisements outdoors, then the video extender is better; if it is in the control center, you need to synchronize audio and video, keyboard and mouse operations, then KVM extender is good