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Monitor HDMI® or VGA interface which is better? The difference between HDMI® and VGA interface

2021-03-04 11:39:36 ekL

Introduction to monitor HDMI interface

        The HDMI interface of the display is a fully digital video and sound sending interface, which can send uncompressed audio and video signals at the same time. It only needs 1 HDMI cable when used, which greatly reduces the difficulty of installation and use. HDMI interface is the current mainstream interface. Generally, set-top boxes, DVD players, personal computers, TVs, game consoles, integrated amplifiers, digital audio and televisions are all equipped with HDMI interfaces.

Introduction to the monitor VGA interface

        The display VGA (Video Graphics Adapter) interface is an interface that uses analog signal transmission and is also commonly known as the D-Sub interface; the VGA interface has a total of 15 pins, divided into 3 rows, and each row has 5 holes. It is the most widely used video card in the past. The interface type has been eliminated by the mainstream

Display HDMI and VGA interface

Display HDMI and VGA interface

The difference between monitor HDMI and VGA interface

        The difference between HDMI interface and VGA interface is as follows:

        01、The HDMI interface is a digital interface; the VGA interface is an analog interface

        02、The HDMI interface supports simultaneous transmission of digital audio and video. If the monitor is a TV, only one HDMI cable connection is required; the VGA interface does not support the simultaneous transmission of audio and video. When using, the video needs to be connected with a VGA cable, and the audio needs to be connected separately. 1 wire connection

        03、The HDMI interface is anti-interference during signal transmission; the VGA interface is easily interfered by other signals during signal transmission

        04、The HDMI interface supports 4K high-definition resolution; the VGA interface will be distorted at high resolutions, and the fonts and pictures are a bit virtual

Display HDMI or VGA interface which is better

        Both the HDMI interface and the VGA interface are a format of video signal transmission. The HDMI interface supports the simultaneous transmission of audio and video. The VGA interface is susceptible to interference from other signals and does not support the simultaneous transmission of audio and video. It is easy to be distorted at high resolutions, so relatively speaking , When we connect, we generally choose the HDMI interface first, and then choose the VGA interface. If the resolution is 1920*1080p, the general image difference is not very big, you can choose the interface according to the actual situation; in general, the display HDMI and Which VGA port is better? HDMI interface is better than VGA interface