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HDMI® matrix 4 in 4 out 414H-R RS232 control code download

2020-11-06 16:24:00

01. HDMI matrix 414H-R communication method

        Serial port standard: baud rate 9600, 1 start bit, 1 stop bit, no parity

        Other DTU modules need to comply with serial port standards to convert serial ports

02. HDMI matrix 414H-R ASCII format protocol

        X*Y! ( X Represents the input channel,Y Representative output channel) :Input X switch to output Y

        Example: 01*02! Indicates that 01 input is switched to 02 output

        The HDMI matrix 414H-R is compatible with the following protocols: 

Protocol formatFor example
XVY%01V02%1 Enter>>2 Output
01VNN%1 Enter>>All output
XVY.01V02.1 Enter>>2 Output
01VNN.1 Enter>>All output
X*Y!01*02!1 Enter>>2 Output
01*NN!1 Enter>>All output
X*Y%01*02%1 Enter>>2 Output
01*NN%1 Enter>>All output