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eKL 4K 4-Port HDMI® KVM Switch 41HA

2023-05-11 17:37:48

eKL 41HA is a high-performance HDMI® KVM switcher. It can control 4 computer hosts with a set of keyboard, mouse and one monitor. It supports 4K 60Hz high-definition resolution, audio separation function, five switching methods, and is compatible with multiple HDMI® Interface equipment and systems, suitable for scenarios such as security monitoring, multimedia teaching, and film and television studios.

  • Brand: ekL
  • Model: eKL-41HA
  • Type: KVM Switch
  • Attribute: HDMI® KVM Switch
  • Resolution: 3840x2160 60Hz
  • RS232: Support
  • Size: 220x58x40mm