2-way bi-directional audio optical transceiver(2SA)

The audio optical transceiver 2SA uses two-fiber single-mode fiber to transmit two channels of audio to 0~20 kilometers in two directions. It has high integration, stable performance, low power consumption, strong environmental adaptability and simple structure.

  • Brand: ekL
  • Model: ekL-2SA
  • Type: Optical transceiver
  • Attribute: Audio optical transceiver
  • Extended distance: 20 km
  • Size: 136*98*26mm

2-way bi-directional audio optical transceiver(2SA)

Audio Optical Transceiver (2SA) uses high performance chips with fast transfer speed

Audio Optical Transceiver (2SA) uses single-fiber single-mode fiber for transmission up to 20 km

Audio Optical Transceiver (2SA) 7*24 hours stable operation

Audio Optical Transceiver (2SA) No Debugging Support Plug and Play

Audio Optical Transceiver (2SA) Full Metal Body Design Rugged

Audio Optical Transceiver (2SA) uses a powerful vent design to accelerate internal hot air circulation

Audio optical transceiver (2SA) has fixed ears on both sides, user-friendly design

Audio Optical Transceiver (2SA) can be used for lawn sound, ticket office, terminal building, etc.

Audio Optical Terminal (2SA) Official Standard Accessories

Audio optical transceiver (2SA) Specification Parameters

TypeOptical transceiver
AttributeAudio optical transceiver
Fiber type
Single fiber single mode
Optical fiber interfaceSC
Extended distance0~20km

Audio optical transceiver (2SA) length 136mm; width 98mm; height 26mm

Audio Optical Transceiver (2SA) Transmitter Interface Description

Audio Optical Transceiver (2SA) Receiver Interface Description

Audio optical transceiver (2SA) connection diagram

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