Digital to Analog Audio Converter DAM

SPDIF digital coaxial optical audio converter DAM supports converting SPDIF signal (1 optical fiber + 1 coaxial) signal into 1 left and right channel analog audio output + 1 3.5mm stereo audio signal output

  • Brand: ekL
  • Model: ekL-DAM
  • Type: Converter
  • Attribute: Audio converter
  • Size: 60*55*20mm

SPDIF Digital Audio Converter DAM

SPDIF Digital Audio Converter DAM TV Digital Audio Output Settings

Identification of various digital audio interfaces

SPDIF digital audio converter DAM uses integrated chip, full sound quality

Digital audio converter DAM supports electronic noise reduction

Digital audio converter dam standard accessories

SPDIF Digital Coaxial Optical Audio Converter DAM Specifications

AttributesSPDIF / Coaxial / Optical Digital Audio to Analog Audio

spdif audio converter length: 60mm; width: 55mm; height: 20mm

SPDIF Digital Audio Converter DAM Interface Description

spdif audio converter DAM wiring instructions

spdif digital audio converter connection diagram

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