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What is KVM? How to use KVM device

2019-11-27 18:34:07 ekL

KVM overview

        What is KVM? KVM is the abbreviation of Keyboard Video Mouse, Keyboard represents the keyboard; Video represents the video; Mouse represents the mouse

What is KVM?

        KVM can access and control the computer by directly connecting the host's video ports (such as: HDMI video interface, VGA video interface, DVI video interface, etc.) and USB ports (such as: USB2.0 interface, USB3.0 interface). KVM devices do not need to install driver software, plug and play; support access to target computers at any time in the BIOS environment; support multi-platform systems, servers. Some powerful KVM devices can even enable multiple computers to share a printer and support U disk read and write

KVM device

KVM device

What are the KVM devices?

        There are two main types of common KVM devices: KVM switchers (that is, KVM multi-computer switchers) and KVM extenders.

        KVM switch: support multiple (2, 4, 4, 8 etc.) computer input, 1 output, multiple computers share a display and a keyboard and mouse; the representative device has 4 in 1 out HDMI KVM switch 41HK2.0

        KVM extender: has a pair of transmitting and receiving ends; can extend 1 computer input to more than 40 meters; representative equipment has an HDMI KVM extender HU12 that extends 100 meters

How to use KVM device?

        Common KVM devices are directly connected to the computer through a cable, and then a set of mouse keyboard and a display device are connected to itself; for intuitive experience, we follow the two categories of KVM switch and KVM extender. A connection diagram is made separately as follows:

KVM switch connection diagram

KVM switch connection diagram (here 41HK2.0 is used as an example)

KVM extender connection and use diagram

KVM extender connection and use diagram (here HU12 as an example)

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