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How do analog cameras convert to webcams? How to change the webcam solution with analog camera

2023-03-14 11:32:25 ekL

        Before solving the problem of how to convert an analog camera into a webcam, we need to understand the difference between an analog camera and a webcam. In this way, we can use a more appropriate method to upgrade the analog camera to a network camera.

        Analog camera:Generally, an analog camera needs a coaxial line to be connected with a hard disk video recorder, which uses an independent power supply to form closed-circuit monitoring; The picture of the camera can only be viewed on the closed-circuit host, and cannot be viewed through network access. Secondly, the analog camera has high requirements on the coaxial line, and the cost of the cable is relatively high. Analog cameras generally have a BNC audio and video output plug and a power plug, which are connected to the hard disk video recorder through the BNC head and the coaxial line. If multiple cameras are networked, a new hard disk video recorder needs to be added.

Difference between analog camera and webcam

        Webcam:Webcam is a product of the new era, which supports independent power supply and POE remote power supply. The video image of webcam can be transmitted to the network hard disk recorder through the common 8-core CAT5/6 network cable. Users can view the monitoring image in real time on computers, tablets, mobile phones, and even realize the voice and video conversation function, and remotely operate the camera rotation, zoom in and other functions; The network cable used is cheaper than coaxial cable. The network camera generally has a RJ45 network interface, which can transmit the monitoring signal to the hard disk video recorder or computer through the standard network cable. If it is not powered by POE, there is also a power supply interface; If multiple cameras are networked, a network video recorder is usually enough

So how to change the analog camera into a webcam?

        The first method:Remove the analog camera directly and replace it with a webcam. If you want to continue using the original cable, you can use the 2km IP HD network coaxial transmitter NCR200 to connect it. The specific connection diagram is as follows:

How to change the webcam solution with analog camera

        This method can quickly change the analog camera to the webcam without removing the original cable and then rewiring, which greatly saves manpower, material resources and time; It is very suitable for the rapid upgrading of the big summer, office buildings, elevators, gas stations, data centers and other scenes; The advantage is to save materials, use the original wire reasonably, and greatly reduce the project cost; The disadvantages are also obvious. That is, the original monitoring structure may be missing or incomplete. If you want to cover some dead corners, you still need to use the network cable and webcam to reinstall the coverage.

        The second method:The original monitoring network, monitoring camera, hard disk video recorder, etc. will be removed, and then the new network camera, network hard disk video recorder, router, switch and network cable will be uniformly used. This method is suitable for the renovation of old buildings and factories, and the laying of new monitoring networks. The advantage is that the monitoring network can be redeployed, and the monitoring scheme can be reasonably designed to achieve full-network monitoring without dead corners. The structure is clear and convenient for later operation and maintenance; The disadvantages are also obvious, that is, it consumes time, material and manpower, and the overall project cost will be higher than that of the first method.