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How does an splitter work? How to install splitter

2022-04-08 18:46:44 ekL

What is the splitter?

        In the field of audio and video, a splitter is a device that can divide a channel of audio and video signals into multiple channels of the same audio and video signal for output. According to different interfaces, the more common splitters mainly include: HDMI splitter, DVI splitter, VGA splitter, SDI splitter, etc.; according to the number of outgoing interfaces, the common splitters mainly include: 2-port splitter , 3-port splitter, 4-port splitter, 8-port splitter, 16-port splitter, 24-port splitter, 32-port splitter, etc.

Xudongtai splitter

Splitter-Xudongtai ekL

How the splitter works?

        The working principle of the splitter is to copy 1 channel audio and video signal into multiple channels of audio and video signals in real time through the chip without loss and output. You can see the synchronized video picture and synchronized audio on the monitor. Generally, the splitter will be equipped with a high-quality power adapter to ensure the normal and stable operation of the machine; do not use inferior power adapters at will, which may cause a series of problems such as signal interference and unstable operation to the splitter. When using the splitter, it is best to connect the ground screw interface reserved on the splitter with the ground wire to ensure the safety of the machine.

The role of the splitter

        The function of the splitter is mainly to output important images to multiple monitors synchronously in real time, so that people can obtain the latest information in a timely manner. Of course, it can also be used in TV stores and monitor stores to display the same audio and video, which is convenient for users to purchase. For example, the common application scenarios of splitters in our lives are in airports, high-speed railway stations, subway stations, securities trading halls, etc. High-speed railway stations and airports are very large, so in order to facilitate passengers to obtain the latest train information, flight information, etc., they will Display the same information in multiple prominent places

How to install the splitter

Schematic diagram of Xudongtai splitter connection and use

splitter connection diagram

        The splitter is very simple to use. Just find the interface marked with input, connect it with the signal host with the corresponding cable, connect the ground wire and power supply, and the other interfaces are the signal output interfaces. Connect as many monitors as you want. monitor. Of course, if it is used in places like high-speed railway stations and airports, a video extender is usually connected when outputting. For example, take Xudongtai HDMI splitter HD108 as an example, after connecting the input, connect a pair of 100-meter HDMI single network cable extenders to each output, so that the same information display can be realized in different places. The specific solution is shown in the following figure

Xudongtai HDMI splitter HD108 high-speed railway station connection diagram

HDMI splitter HD108 high-speed rail station connection diagram

        Through the above explanation, I believe that you also know what a splitter is, the principle of the splitter, the function of the splitter, and how to connect and use the splitter. I hope this article will be helpful to you. See you in the next issue!