HDMI splitter (MiniHS104) tutorial

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HDMI splitter (MiniHS104) tutorial


        The 4 ports HDMI splitter distributes one HDMI source to four HDMI sinks. This splitter supports standard HDMI specifica-tions, such as max 10.2Gbps data rate, 12 bit deep color, 3D, lipsync, HD lossless audio format, and 4K*2K PC resolution.

HDMI splitter(MiniHS104)

HDMI splitter(MiniHS104)


        01.One HDMI input, Four HDMI output

        02.Max input / output resolution 4K*2K @30Hz

        03.COMPLIANT HDMI 1.4

        04.Support 3D

        05.Support 24/30/36 big deep color

        06.Compliant with HDCP devices

        07.Audio format:LPCM7.1/DTS/DOLBYAC3/DSD/DTSHD/DolbytrueHD

HDMI splitter interface introduction

HDMI Distributor Interface

HDMI Distributor Interface

        ①HDMI outputs 1/2/3/4:using HDMI cables link to HDMI sinks,such as LCD display and projector.

        ②HDMI input:using HDMI cable to connect with HDMI source, like PC, DVD player, Blue-ray Player, laptop, etc.

        ③HDMI input indicator:LED light on means HDMI input connected.

        ④HDMI output indicators 1/2/3/4:LED lights on means HDMI outputs connected.

        ⑤Power indicator:LED light on means power input connected.

        ⑥Power In:connects to power adapter.

Connection Reference

Connection Reference

Connection Reference

Operation Description

        01.Using HDMI cable to connect HDMI source with splitter HDMI Input.

        02.Using HDMI cable(s) to connect splitter HDMI output(s) with display.

        03.Plug-in power adapter.

        04. Ready to use.




        Input video resolution:480I,480P,576I,576P,720I,720P,1080I,1080P, 4K

        Output video resolution:480I,480P,576I,576P,720I,720P,1080I,1080P, 4K

        HDMI version:HDMI 1.4

        Input HDMI cable le:≤8m AWG24 HDMI standard cable

        Output HDMI cable le:≤8m AWG24 HDMI standard cable

        Power adapter:input AC 100-240V 50/60Hz, output DC 5V/1A

        Working Temp:0~40℃

        Working Humidity:5~85%RH(no condensation)


        Manual download address:https://www.sz-ekl.com/download/87.html

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