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Does DP/Mini DP to HDMI® need a chip? What is the effect of DP to HDMI?

2021-05-21 16:00:11 ekL

Does DP/Mini DP to HDMI need a chip?

       Although both DP and HDMI are digital signal interfaces, because they use different protocols, they need to be converted through a chip when converting DP to HDMI. Usually the DP to HDMI adapters and DP to HDMI cables we buy have a built-in conversion chip. Depending on the price, there will be certain differences in the chips, HDMI interface, and DP connector used. There are two types of DP interfaces, commonly known as big DP and Mini DP; our more common DP to HDMI converters are divided into big DP to HDMI and Mini DP to HDMI, so we must first see if our host is big before buying. DP interface or Mini DP interface, and then buy a DP to HDMI converter

Conversion chip in DP to HDMI cable

Conversion chip in DP to HDMI cable

How about the effect of DP to HDMI?

       The effect of DP to HDMI conversion is still very good. DP can convert audio and video signals into HDMI signals together through the conversion chip. If your monitor supports audio decoding, you can directly output audio on the monitor. After using the DP to HDMI converter, it still supports copy mode and expansion mode; in terms of resolution, it basically supports 1920*1080p@60Hz