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2021 New Year's Day holiday notice

2020-12-18 00:00:45 ekL

Holiday arrangements for New Year's Day 2021

To: All employees of Xudongtai

        The New Year’s Day holiday is approaching. First of all, I would like to extend holiday greetings to all employees. According to the national holiday arrangements and the actual situation of the company, the New Year’s Day holiday arrangements are now made, as follows: 

        01. January 01, 2021 (Friday) to January 03, 2021 (Sunday), a total of 3 days off, normal work on January 4, 2021 (Monday)

        02. During the holidays of the e-commerce department, the department adjusts the duty of the staff on its own (Jingdong store, Tmall store, Alibaba international station, Amazon store, Alibaba 1688, website normal business, normal order transaction, normal delivery during holidays)

        03. Ask the person in charge of each department to make arrangements for the pre-holiday work of the department, and check related facilities and equipment, do a good job in fire prevention and anti-theft, and ensure the safety and order of the office; Pay attention to property and personal safety during the journey, and wish everyone a happy holiday!

        Hereby inform!

Xudongtai Personnel Department   

December 18, 2020