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HDMI® single cable extender or wireless extender, which one would you choose?

2023-05-26 18:46:19 ekl

        In daily life, our electronic devices are used more and more widely, such as TV, projector, computer, game console and so on. These devices usually need to use the HDMI interface to transmit audio and video signals. However, when the distance between devices exceeds the length of the HDMI cable, we usually need to use an HDMI extender. Currently popular on the market are HDMI single network cable extenders and HDMI wireless extenders. So, what is the difference between these two devices? How to choose? This article will analyze it in detail.

HDMI wireless extender and HDMI network cable extender

HDMI single cable extender

        1.1 basic concept

        HDMI single network cable extender, also known as HDMI network cable extender, mainly transmits HDMI signals through network cables (such as Cat5e, Cat6) to achieve long-distance transmission. It consists of a transmitter and a receiver, the transmitter is connected to the video signal source, and the receiver is connected to the display device.

        1.2 Features

        The biggest advantage of the HDMI single network cable extender is the long-distance transmission. Usually, the uncompressed HDMI single network cable extender can realize the transmission distance of 50 meters or even longer under the premise of ensuring the picture quality. At the same time, they are usually equipped with IR infrared return or RS232 data return function to realize remote control.

        However, the use environment of the HDMI single network cable extender has certain requirements. First of all, it needs to be connected with a network cable, which has certain requirements for wiring. Secondly, the HDMI single network cable extender has high requirements on the network environment, and network congestion or poor quality may affect its performance.

HDMI wireless extender

        2.1 Basic concept

        The HDMI wireless extender transmits HDMI signals through wireless signals to realize the connection between devices. It works like a wireless router, except that HDMI signals are transmitted here. Again, it consists of a transmitter and a receiver.

        Common HDMI wireless extenders on the market generally support 1-to-many use. For example, 1 send multi-receive supports up to 1 transmitter to 4 receivers, so that 4 monitors can simultaneously display the same video screen. This type of device represents There is Xudongtai eKL-WE200; there is another one that sends and receives multiple times, such as Xudongtai eKL-WE30, which supports 8 transmitters connected to the same receiver, and can be switched to other signal sources with just one touch. Especially suitable for conference use.

        2.2 Features

        The biggest advantage of the HDMI wireless extender is wireless transmission, no need for wiring, easy installation, and more flexible space layout. For some environments where wiring is impossible or difficult, HDMI wireless extenders are ideal. In addition, some advanced wireless extenders support multipoint-to-multipoint connections, which can be switched freely between multiple devices, which is more convenient to use.

        However, the transmission distance of HDMI wireless extenders is usually not as good as that of wired extenders, especially in environments with obstacles, and its stability and anti-interference cannot be compared with wired extenders. Also, HDMI wireless extenders are generally more expensive than wired extenders.

How to choose an HDMI extender?

        When choosing an HDMI extender, you need to consider it according to your own use environment and needs. If it is a scene that requires long-distance transmission, a good network environment, and wiring can be done, then the HDMI single network cable extender is a good choice. For example, meeting rooms, classrooms, supermarkets, etc.

        For scenarios where wiring is impossible or difficult, and the transmission distance is not high, the HDMI wireless extender is an ideal choice, such as home theaters, exhibition halls, and vehicle-mounted equipment.

        In general, HDMI single network cable extender and HDMI wireless extender have their own advantages and disadvantages, and they need to be selected according to actual needs and usage environment. I hope this article can help you better understand these two devices and make an appropriate choice according to your specific needs.