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What is the HDMI® four screen splitter? What is its purpose? What are the main applications in?

2023-05-22 18:00:13 ekl

What is the HDMI four screen splitter?

        HDMI four screen splitter is a high-definition video processing device that can input 4 channels of HDMI signals and display 4 channels of video information simultaneously in full screen or multi window mode on a single monitor. It can achieve functions such as switching, segmentation, splicing, and scaling of HDMI signals, and is suitable for various occasions, such as conferences, teaching, monitoring, games, etc.

HDMI four screen splitter

Principle of HDMI Four Screen Splitter

        The HDMI four screen splitter receives real-time data from different HDMI signal sources through a built-in high-performance image processing chip. After image processing and scaling, the four screens are synthesized into one screen and output to the display through a single HDMI output interface. Users can freely choose the appropriate display mode according to their needs.

HDMI four screen splitter with 5 display modes

HDMI Four Screen Splitter Function

        Implementing multi-source video synchronization display: The HDMI four screen splitter allows for simultaneous display of images from multiple signal sources, solving the limitations of traditional single signal source input.

        Improving display efficiency: Users can easily view the status of each signal source, improving work efficiency.

        Space and cost savings: Compared to using multiple monitors, the HDMI four screen splitter saves space and cost.

Advantages of HDMI Four Screen Splitter

        Convenient and fast: Users do not need to switch between different signal sources, saving operation time.

        High performance: Image processing chips ensure clear and delay free images.

        Custom settings: Users can adjust the screen layout according to their needs.

Disadvantages of HDMI Four Screen Splitter

        Screen resolution limitation: Due to multi screen synthesis, the resolution of each screen will be subject to certain limitations.

        Relatively high cost: Compared to ordinary HDMI switches, the price of HDMI four screen splitters is slightly higher.

Application Fields of HDMI Four Screen Segmenter

        The HDMI four screen splitter is widely used in monitoring centers, shopping mall advertising displays, conference demonstrations, education and training scenarios.

        Meeting room: It can display the images of different computers, projectors, cameras, and other devices on a large screen at the same time, facilitating comparison, discussion, and presentation.

        Classroom: Different teaching content or student assignments can be displayed on the teaching screen simultaneously, facilitating teaching and interaction.

        Monitoring room: It can display the images of different cameras or recorders on the monitoring screen at the same time, facilitating monitoring and management.

        Game room: It can display the images of different game consoles or computers on the game screen at the same time, making it convenient for gaming and entertainment.

HDMI four screen splitter topology diagram

Schematic diagram of HDMI four screen splitter connection

Application Cases of HDMI Four Screen Splitter

        A shopping mall needs to display advertisements from four different brands on a large screen. After adopting the HDMI four screen splitter, shopping malls can input advertising signals from four brands into the splitter, and then output the synthesized images to the display through the HDMI output interface. In this way, customers can see advertisements from four brands simultaneously in the mall, increasing the exposure of the advertisements.

        HDMI four screen splitter is a practical high-definition video processing device that allows you to simultaneously watch four different video signals on a single monitor, improving your work efficiency and entertainment quality. If you would like to learn more about the HDMI four screen splitter, please follow us and we will provide you with more professional knowledge. Thank you for reading. See you next time!