HDMI2.0 HDMI splitter enters and exits (UH02)

HDMI2.0 HDMI splitter 1 in 2 out UH02 supports intelligent EDID analysis algorithm; supports HDCP2.2; supports one way HDMI2.0 version HD signal source, distributes 2 HDMI2.0 version signal output

  • Brand: ekL
  • Model: ekL-UH02
  • Type: Splitter
  • Attribute: HDMI splitter
  • Resolution: 4K*2K
  • HDMI version: HDMI2.0
  • Size: 110*54*22mm

HDMI splitter enters and exits UH02

HDMI splitter enters and exits UH02 supports simultaneous display of two monitors

HDMI splitter enters and exits UH02 supports 4K*2K@60Hz resolution

HDMI splitter UH02 supports two output modes

HDMI splitter UH02 supports 3D

HDMI splitter UH02 is compatible with standard HDMI interface devices

HDMI splitter UH02 uses smart chip

HDMI splitter UH02 uses a metal matte housing

HDMI splitter UH02 uses 24K gold-plated interface

HDMI splitter UH02 uses over-current protection design

HDMI splitter UH02 uses side vents for fast heat dissipation

HDMI splitter UH02 has signal buffering and amplification

HDMI splitter UH02 supports dial switch and supports RS232 control

HDMI splitter UH02 can be used for multimedia teaching, video conferencing, etc.

HDMI splitter UH02 standard accessories

HDMI splitter UH02 specifications

HDMI splitter
AttributesOne in two out
HDMI versionHDMI2.0
Dolby VisionYes
Color depth32-bit
Input interfaceHDMI*1
Output InterfaceHDMI*2
Maximum bandwidth600MHz
Maximum baud rate18Gbps
Input cable length1080p:≤10m ; 4k:≤5m
Output cable length1080p:≤15m ; 4k:≤5m

HDMI splitter UH02 length: 110mm; width: 54mm; height: 22mm

HDMI splitter UH02 interface description

HDMI splitter one into two out UH02 connection use schematic

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