300 m KVM VGA extender (KU300)

The KVM VGA Extender KU300 uses a single cable (CAT5E) to extend the keyboard, mouse, and VGA signals of the host computer by 300 meters. It provides a local VGA port at the transmitter (SENDER) of the extender; a keyboard that supports the USB interface and Mouse, support VGA video; receiver (RECEIVER) supports hot swap; support Windows, NT, Linux and other operating systems

  • Brand: ekL
  • Model: ekL-KU300
  • Type: VGA extender
  • Attribute: KVM VGA extender
  • Resolution: 1920*1080p
  • Extended distance: 300m
  • Size: 74*103*29mm

300 m KVM VGA extender (KU300) supports wireless keyboard and mouse

KVM VGA extender (KU300) supports 1920*1080p HD resolution. Clear picture quality. Transmission stability.

KVM VGA Extender (KU300) is compatible with many VGA interface devices: projectors, computers, etc.

KVM VGA extender (KU300) uses imported chips to avoid distortion instability

KVM VGA extender (KU300) is made of high quality metal casing.

KVM VGA Extender (KU300) Plug and Play No software installation required

KVM VGA extender (KU300) can be used for splicing screens, multimedia classrooms, etc.

KVM VGA extender (KU300) BIAOZHU) standard accessories

KVM VGA extender (KU300) Specifications

TypeVGA extender
AttributeKVM VGA extender
Extended distance300m
Local loopYes
Cable requirementsWAG standard CAT5E

KVM VGA extender (KU300) is 74mm long; 103mm wide; 29mm high

KVM VGA Extender (KU300) Interface Description

KVM VGA Extender (KU300) connection diagram

label: KVM extender
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