4K40 meters 1080p70 meters HDMI extender (HE70)

HDMI single cable extender (HE70) 1080P extended 70m, 4K extended 40 meters, supports two-way RS-232, two-way infrared signal

  • Brand: ekL
  • Model: ekL-HE70
  • Type: Extender
  • Attribute: HDMI extender
  • Resolution: 4K*2K
  • RS232: Yes
  • External IR: Yes
  • Extended distance: 4k 40m;1080p 70m
  • Size: 90*84*24mm

HDMI extender (HE70) supports industrial grade projectors, large splicing screens

HDMI extender (HE70) supports 4k*2K HD quality

HDMI extender (HE70) 1080p extended 70 meters; 4k extended 40 meters

HDMI extender (HE70) is made of all-metal housing, which is durable and easy to dissipate.

HDMI extender (HE70) uses independent power supply design, stable operation and safe use

The HDMI extender (HE70) uses a ground interface to prevent leakage and better protection

The HDMI extender (HE70) is designed with rack mount lugs and vents for rack mounting for heat dissipation.

HDMI extender (HE70) 7*24 hours stable operation, stable and reliable performance

HDMI extender (HE70) can be used for outdoor large screen, outdoor advertising and other scenes

HDMI extender (HE70) official standard accessories

HDMI single cable extender (HE70) specifications

AttributeHDMI extender
Extended distance1080p extended by 70 meters; 4k extended by 40 meters
Cable requirementsCAT5e/CAT6
Local loopSupport
Rack mountSupport
Two-way support
External infraredTwo-way support
Power supplyDC 12V/2A

HDMI extender (HE70) Appearance size: length 90mm; width 84mm; height 24mm

HDMI extender (HE70) Sender and Receiver interface description

HDMI extender (HE70) connection diagram

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