DVI fiber optic extender (DE2000) DVI optical transceiver single mode fiber 20 km extension audio and video synchronization

Xudongtai 20km DVI fiber optic extender DE2000 adopts rack-type + independent power supply + ground line design, using single-mode fiber optic line to replace traditional DVI line, support 1920*1080p HD resolution and 3D, mostly used in security monitoring and other fields.

  • Brand: ekL
  • Model: ekL-DE2000
  • Type: DVI extender
  • Attribute: DVI optical transceiver
  • Resolution: 1920*1080P
  • Extended distance: 20 km
  • Size: 146*91*26mm
  • Fiber Type: Single mode
  • Fiber Interface: SC

DVI optical transceiver (DE2000) extended 20 km Supports audio synchronization, rack mount

DVI Optical Transceiver (DE2000) uses single-mode fiber optic cable instead of DVI cable to achieve 20 km long-distance signal transmission

DVI Optical Transceiver (DE2000) uses high-performance chips to ensure stable signal transmission, eliminating snow and snow

DVI optical transceiver (DE2000) supports 1920*1080p 3D

DVI optical transceiver (DE2000) lasts for 24 hours, stable and reliable

DVI optical transceiver (DE2000) audio and video synchronous transmission, distance is not a problem

DVI optical transceiver (DE2000) supports bottom line interface and independent 5V power supply interface to ensure safe and stable operation of the machine.

DVI Optical Transceiver (DE2000) uses a mounting ear design to support rack mounting

DVI optical transceiver (DE2000) supports one-button reset function

DVI optical transceiver (DE2000) compatible with operating systems such as Windows/Mac OS/Linux

DVI optical transceiver (DE2000) is compatible with many DVI interface devices (TV, monitor, projector, etc.)

DVI optical transceiver (DE2000) is mostly used in scenes such as command and control center, ticketing center, etc.

DVI optical transceiver (DE2000) length 146mm; width 91mm; height 26mm and other scenes

DVI Optical Transceiver (DE2000) Official Standard Accessories

DVI Optical Transceiver (DE2000) Specifications

TypeDVI extender
AttributeDVI optical transceiver
Extended distance20km
Rack mountYes
Input interface
DVI*1; 3.5mm stereo interface*1; single mode fiber port*1
Output interfaceDVI*1; 3.5mm stereo interface*1; single mode fiber port*1
DVI cable input / output≤15M (standard cable)
Power supplyDC 5V/1A
Sender size146*91*26mm
Receiver size146*91*26mm

DVI optical transceiver (DE2000) length 146mm; width 91mm; height 26mm and other scenes

DVI Optical Transceiver (DE2000) Sender Interface Description

DVI Optical Transceiver (DE2000) Receiver Interface Description

DVI optical transceiver (DE2000) connection diagram

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