VGA KVM Switch (41U) Four in and one out

VGA KVM switch 41U supports 4 hosts to share a set of keyboard and mouse, imported chip, metal case, support 1920X1440 resolution, support audio output, stable performance, widely used in office / teaching / entertainment and other fields

  • Brand: ekL
  • Model: ekL-41U
  • Type: KVM Switch
  • Attribute: VGA KVM Switch
  • Resolution: 1920*1440p
  • DDC: Yse
  • USB version: USB 2.0
  • Size: 195*70*40mm

VGA KVM switch (41U) four in and one out

VGA KVM switch 41U supports high definition display

VGA KVM switch 41U supports 1920*1440p

VGA KVM switch 41U supports button switching

VGA KVM switch (41U) supports wireless mouse and keyboar

VGA KVM switch (41U) supports DDC automatic recognition resolution function

VGA KVM switch (41U) compatible with mainstream systems

VGA KVM switch (41U) uses foreign smart chips

VGA KVM switch (41U) with metal housing

VGA KVM switch (41U) driverless, plug and play

VGA KVM switch (41U) is used in entertainment, video surveillance and other places

VGA KVM Switch (41U) Accessories

VGA KVM switch (41U) parameters

TypeVGA KVM Switch
AttributesKVM Switch
Switching modeKey switch / keyboard hot key switch
Keyboard hotkey switchingDouble click on SCROLL LOCK+1/2/3/4
Turn off the beepDouble click on SCROLL LOCK+B

VGA KVM切换器(41U)长195mm;宽70mm;高40mm

VGA KVM switch (41U) interface description

VGA KVM switch 41U connection diagram

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