• HDMI picture splitter principle, function, split mode, application and manufacturer

    【HDMI picture splitter】 ​The HDMI picture splitter belongs to one of the picture splitters because its signal interface is the HDMI interface and its name. 【Working principle】 ​Use hardware to divide multiple HDMI signals into multiple display modes on the same display device. Different modes have different split display effects. 【Split mode】 ​Common split modes are: full-screen display mode, half-split mode, quad-split mode, H-mode, big three small mode, etc.; HDMI picture splitter produced by different manufacturers, the split mode is different, there are special needs Contact the manufacturer to customise.Full screen display mode: single screen full screen display

    2018/09/14 BaiDonghui

  • 【HDMI cable】Shopping guide

    The HDMI cable on the market do good company has Xu dong tai(EKL)、UGREEN and so on, Xu dong tai is doing wire up, the core is pure copper, more assured in terms of quality. Big brands (like Xu dong tai) generally use TMDS core technology, reduce the electromagnetic interference of the signal to the transmission line, and ensure the transmission quality is consistent within 30 meters. Finally, whether it is a long distance or short distance HDMI cable, it is recommended to buy a brand, can be purchased through their JD, TM, Tao bao official stores. If you still have something to know, you can also click on the Weibo logo at the bottom of the screen and directly comment on our Weibo, we will answer you in time.

    2018/09/14 BaiDonghui

  • 40 m HDMI single cable extender (EX01) Instructions for use

    Usage Instructions, Transmitter Panel, Receiver Panel, System Connection Instructions, and Safety Notes of Xudong Taiekl 40m HDMI Single Network Wire Extender (EX01)

    2018/09/14 BaiDonghui

  • Product model

    Xudongtai elk product model Daquan; detailed models including extenders, distributors, switches, converters, amplifiers, etc.

    2018/09/13 BaiDonghui

  • EKL Xu dong tai DVI splitter DVI extender DVI to VGA converter successfully used in nuclear power plant construction

    The operating performance of EKL DVI series products is stable. Subsequently, CGN Fujian Ningde Nuclear Power Plant and Hainan Changjiang Nuclear Power Plant successively used Xu dong tai (ekl) DVI series products.

    2018/08/27 BaiDonghui

  • Xu dong tai ekl-HE150 extender help night bar

    The night color chain bar is a large entertainment venue. The central high-definition big screen is assembled by multi-screen. The multi-block HDMI display forms a larger display screen. The console is far away from the big screen, so you need to use the HDMI extender.

    2018/08/27 BaiDonghui

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