IP coaxial network extender (NCR500) instructions

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IP coaxial network extender (NCR500) instructions

Network extender features

    01.Based on the IEEE 1901 technology, Support for transmitting hd video and high speed data signals on multiple media, such as the coaxial line and telephone line. With a long transmission distance, high communication speed, support for multimedia services and group network technology etc advantages

    02.Simulate video monitoring and upgrade the network HDTV camera video long distance to extend elevator monitoring and other applications

    03.Can use coaxial cable, telephone line, twisted pair, and other two-core line.When using coaxial cable,IP high-definition network transmission can be extended to 500 meters

    04.Fast transmission and stability

    05. Plug and play

    06.Point to point ,cascading is not supported

Interface Specification


IP coaxial network extender (NCR500) sender


IP coaxial network extender (NCR500) receiver

        ①Power interface

        ②Network interface

        ③Coaxial line interface

        ⑤Working indicator light

        ④Ground wire interface

Schematic diagram of coaxial cable connection

Schematic diagram of coaxial cable connection

Please note: This product is necessary to use more than two!

Technical Parameters

    01.Using 75-5 coaxial cable interface, analog upgrade network hd

    02.Through the coaxial line transmission distance up to 500 meters 

    03.Unique LRE (Long-Reacher Ethernet) long line Ethernet driver technology

    04.while effectively preventing static electricity

    05.External power adapter, circuit design simple, stable equipment

The matters needing attention of installation

    In order to ensure the reliable performance of the equipment and the safety of the user, please observe the following matters during the process of installation,use and maintenance

    01.Please do not use this product in the following places: the place of dust, soot and electric conductivity dust, corrosive gas, combustible gas; the place exposed to high temperature, condensation,wind and rain; the occasion of vibration and impact .Electric shock, fire, wrong operation can lead to damage and deterioration to the product, either

    02.Should avoid wiring and inserting cable plug in charged state, otherwise it is easy to cause the shock,or electrical damage

    03.The installation and wiring should be strong andreliable, contact undesirable may lead to false action

    04.This product grounds by the grounding wires .To avoid electric shocks, grounding wires and the earth must be linked together. Before the connection of input or output terminal, please make sure this product is correctly grounded

    05.Only after cutting down all external power source,can install, wiring operation begin,or it may cause electric shock or equipment damage

    06.Please do not dismantle the equipment, avoid damaging the internal electrical component


    PDF manual download:http://www.sz-ekl.com/download/59.html

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