Four picture splitter (VS04) instructions

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Four picture splitter (VS04) instructions


    Multi-Viewer Switch, using special design image processor and embedded customized operating software, is an advanced video & audio switching and splitting control device, mainly for high resolution display (like HDMI TV/Projector) to show maximum four sources at full screen or multi-window mode. Can easilycontrol any of four HDMI sources to be showed at different Window Size, Display Position and Image Proportion.


    01.4 HDMI inputs one HDMI output 

    02.Support seamless switch

    03.Front panel button instant switch 

    04.Plug & Play, no need extra driver or software

    05.Max resolution 1920*1080P 60Hz 

    06.Front panel button instant switch IR remote switch

Connection Reference

Four picture splitter (VS04) device connection diagram

Front Panel & Rear I/O

Four-screen splitter (VS04) panel introduction

    ①Source Buttons:press 1 ‒ 4 buttons to select 1 - 4 sources

    ②Window Mode Button: press to cycle selection among 5 window modes

    ③Source Indicators:LED indicators for active sources

    ④PWR Indicator: power indicator

    ⑤IR window:IR signal receiving window

    ⑥DC IN:DC 12V 1A input

    ⑦HDMI Output:female HDMI output

    ⑧HDMI Inputs:4 female HDMI inputs

IR Remote Instruction

Four-screen splitter (VS04) remote control panel

    09.Source Buttons: press 1 ‒ 4 buttons to select 1 - 4 sources

    10.Audio Button: press to cycle selection among 4 input audio

    11.Resolution Button:output 720P or 1080P resolution

    12.Window Mode Button: press to cycle selection among 5 window modes

Screen/Window Modes

Four-screen splitter (VS04) split display mode

Four-screen splitter (VS04) split display mode

Device Specification

    Input HDMI Resolution:480I、480P、576I、576P、720I、720P、1080I、1080P

    IR Remote Frequency:38KHz

    Signal I/O ESD:8KV

    Output HDMI Resolutio:720P/1080P

    Input HDMI Cable Length:≤10m AWG24 HDMI standard cable

    Output HDMI Cable Length:≤10m AWG24 HDMI standard cable

    Power Adapte:Input AC 100-240V 50/60Hz, Output DC 12V/1A

    Working Temp:0~40℃

    Working Humidity Range:5~85%RH(No condensation)

    Device Size:164X84X25(mm)

    Device Weight:310g

The matters needing attention of installation

    In order to ensure the reliable performance of the equipment and the safety of the user, please observe the following matters during the process of installation, use and maintenance

    01.Please do not use this product in the following places: the place of dust, soot and electric conductivity dust, corrosive gas,combustible gas; the place exposed to high temperature,condensation,wind and rain; the occasion of vibration and impact. Electric shock, fire, wrong operation can lead to damage and deterioration to the product, either

    02.Should avoid wiring and inserting cable plug in charged state, otherwise it is easy to cause the shock, or electrical damage

    03.The installation and wiring should be strong andreliable,contactundesirable may lead to false action

    04.This product grounds by the grounding wires. To avoid electric shocks, grounding wires and the earth must be linked together. Before the connection of input or output terminal,please make sure this product is correctly grounded

    05.Only after cutting down all external power source, can install,wiring operation begin, or it may cause electric shock or equipment damage

    06.In the following cases, please disconnect the power immediately and contact the company:

        A.Equipment water

        B.The equipment is broken or the casing is broken.

        C.The device is working abnormally or the performance of the display has completely changed.

        D.The device produces odor, smoke or noise

    07.Please do not dismantle the equipment, avoid damaging the internal electrical component


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