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High-definition audio and video products are now more and more popular, HDMI devices are slowly spreading to ordinary people's homes, a good HDMI cable can ensure high-definition audio and video signals are transmitted stably without loss. However, most people are not very familiar with the wire, often just choose one that looks similar, but to get a good display, choosing an HDMI cable is very much a matter of learning, so how can I choose the HDMI cable that suits me?

HDMI cable

HDMI cable-picture

First、Confirm the type of HDMI interface

First of all, we have to confirm which HDMI interface of our device is, because the HDMI interface is divided into four different types: A, B, C, and D:

Type A is the most common, general HDTV or video equipment, both provides interface like this size, Type A has 19 pins, a width of 13.9 mm and a thickness of 4.45 mm, 99% of the devices that can be seen now are HDMI interfaces of this size.

Type B very rare, has 29 pins, width up to 21 mm, transmission bandwidth is almost double that of Type A, it’s totally “strong” in home applications, it is now only used in some professional situations.

Type C is for small devices, its size is 10.42 × 2.4 mm, which is nearly 1/3 smaller than Type A, and its application range is small.

Type D is the latest interface type, the size is further reduced and the double-row stitch design is used, Size is similar to Mini USB interface, more suitable for portable and in-vehicle devices.


Second、Confirm the length of the HDMI cable, select the appropriate wire gauge

Different distances also have an impact on the transmission of signals. In the HDMI cable, the AWG (American Wire Gauge) value is a function of the wire diameter, which is the wire gauge what we often say. The AWG value is inversely proportional to the wire diameter, the smaller the value, the thicker the wire diameter, the greater the current that can be carried, the longer the number of meters supported for transmission, However, the corresponding price is more expensive.

In the industry, the HDMI limit transmission length of different wire gauges will basically fall into the following values: 


Limit transmission lengthunitmeters

30 AWG5-8
28 AWG12-15
26 AWG18-20
24 AWG20-25

Because the quality of each manufacturer is different,the wire gauge used is also different,and the lower the AWG value, the higher the cost, leading some manufacturers to save costs, online regulations are not standardized enough, or just in the limit transmission length value, the user end experience is not ideal. So when choosing a longer HDMI cable, be sure to pay attention to the AWG value.

Third、Confirm HDMI version

HDMI version1.
Release time2002-12-092004-05-202005-08-222006-06-222009-06-052013-09-04
Maximum bandwidth Gbps4.954.954.9510.210.218
Resolution1600*1200p 60Hz1600*1200p 60Hz1600*1200p 60Hz12048*1536p 75Hz4096*2160p 24Hz4096*2160p 60Hz
Video channel8 Channels8 Channels8 Channels8 Channels8 Channels32 Channels
Video sampling rate768kHz768kHz768kHz768kHz768kHz1532kHz

The mainstream HDMI cable on the market is basically version 1.4,compared with the previous version 1.3, new support for 3D, network and audio return channels has been added. The latest is the HDMI 2.0 version cable, on the basis of version 1.4, improvements have been made to multiple video and audio technologies to enhance the bandwidth supported by 4K Ultra HD transmission, enabling users to achieve a more extreme picture experience, in the other aspects of performance, it has been greatly improved and improved, which has a greater advantage than the 1.4 version, However, this also requires more advanced, professional HD device support in order to play its high-quality performance.

Fourth、look at the plug, look at the core, see the shield

At present, the HDMI cable with good quality on the market generally adopts 24K gold-plated plug and pure copper wire core, the shielding layer is made of aluminum foil + Mylar layer + high density woven mesh + imported PVC layer, effectively solve the problem of poor contact of the connector after the connector is plugged and unplugged, to avoid signal loss and ensure the effect of the picture.

24K gold plated interface

24K gold plated interface -picture


HDMI line planing - picture

Fifth、what brand of HDMI line is good

The HDMI cable on the market do good company has Xu dong tai(EKL)、UGREEN and so on, Xu dong tai is doing wire up, the core is pure copper, more assured in terms of quality. Big brands (like Xu dong tai) generally use TMDS core technology, reduce the electromagnetic interference of the signal to the transmission line, and ensure the transmission quality is consistent within 30 meters. Finally, whether it is a long distance or short distance HDMI cable, it is recommended to buy a brand, can be purchased through their JD, TM, Tao bao official stores. If you still have something to know, you can also click on the Weibo logo at the bottom of the screen and directly comment on our Weibo, we will answer you in time.

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