Xu dong tai ekl-HE150 extender help night bar

2018-08-27 13:44:05 BaiDonghui

In June 2013, our company (Shenzhen Xu dong tai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.) won the bid for the central large-screen segment display project of Shenzhen Night Color Chain Bar.

Project environment

The night color chain bar is a large entertainment venue. The central high-definition big screen is assembled by multi-screen. The multi-block HDMI display forms a larger display screen. The console is far away from the big screen, so you need to use the HDMI extender.


After our company's on-the-spot investigation, according to the actual situation, after repeated comparisons, we decided to use the ekl-HE150 HDMI extender as the extender product of this project. The ekl-HE150 HDMI Extender is a single-line extender that transmits HDMI video signals to 150 meters in real time over a single CAT5e/6 cable. EKl-HE150 HDMI extender has built-in ESD protection circuit, supports 1080p resolution, supports infrared extension, supports RS232 function, and supports TCP/IP protocol. Another feature of the ekl-HE150 HDMI extender is support for switch cascading. One transmitter can be used with multiple receivers and up to 253 receivers.

ekl-HE150 HDMI extender

ekl-HE150 HDMI extender - picture


Effect - picture1


Effect - picture2


Connection method - pictey

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