DVI switch (21D/41D/81D) connection tutorial

2018-10-23 14:14:16 BaiDonghui

DVI switch (21D/41D/81D) connection tutorial

DVI switch

DVI switch

Introduction to DVI Switch

        DVI switch (21D/41D/81D), also known as multi-computer switcher, can realize the sharing of one display device by multiple hosts, saving money and improving efficiency. The installation is simple, just connect the DVI switch to the host computer. The operation is also very convenient, just press the selection button on the panel or use the remote control to switch between the hosts, using the standard DVI display interface, no need to configure the interface card or software, the installation is easy

DVI switch features

        01. Support 2/4/8 DVI signal source, you can arbitrarily choose to switch to a display device that supports DVI signal input.

        02. Support color depth 30 bits, 36 bits, support signal timing reorganization

        03. Using standard 24AWG cable, 1080P transmission distance can be as long as 15-20 meters, 4K transmission distance can be as long as 5-10 meters without signal loss

        04. The input can be switched remotely by infrared, or it can be controlled by direct button.

        05. Installation is simple, no need to drive

DVI switch connection diagram (take 81D as an example)

DVI switch connection diagram (81D)

DVI switch connection diagram (81D)


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