HDMI picture splitter principle, function, split mode, application and manufacturer

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HDMI picture splitter

  The HDMI picture splitter belongs to one of the picture splitters because its signal interface is the HDMI interface and its name.

HDMI picture splitter

HDMI picture splitter-picture

Working principle

  Use hardware to divide multiple HDMI signals into multiple display modes on the same display device. Different modes have different split display effects.

Input HDMI signal number

  Common input HDMI signals are divided into four, eight, sixteen, etc.; the number of roads is not enough, you can also contact the manufacturer, customised.

Split mode

  Common split modes are: full-screen display mode, half-split mode, quad-split mode, H-mode, big three small mode, etc.; HDMI picture splitter produced by different manufacturers, the split mode is different, there are special needs Contact the manufacturer to customise.Full screen display mode: single screen full screen display

  Half-split mode: left and right dual screen split display

  Four-division mode: four screens simultaneously display

  H-mode: two signals are displayed vertically in the middle, and the other two signals are displayed on the left and the right.

  One big three small mode: the screen will be displayed as the main screen, and the three sub screens on the right will be displayed in equal parts.

Split modes

Split modes-picture

Feature support

  Resolution: 1080p, 4K

  HDCP1.2: Support (PS4, XBOX, Blu-ray DVD, etc.)

  Cascade: Partial support (Please contact the manufacturer if you do not support it)

  Infrared remote control: partial support

  Audio and video synchronisation: support

  Operating system support: Support for Mac OS\Windows\Linux system

  Power: Independent power supply


  Generally used in monitoring systems, conference systems, government agencies, medical systems, large shopping malls, games, conventions, etc.

Connection method

  Connect multiple HDMI sources to the HDMI IN port of the main unit using a standard HDMI cable, connect the HDMI OUT port to the display device using the HDMI cable, and finally connect the power to the normal use.

Connection method

Connection method - diagram


  Well-known HDMI picture splitter manufacturers are: Xudongtai ekl, Green Alliance, Maxtor, etc., the equipment they produce, the quality is relatively good, after-sales are also guaranteed, generally found in Jingdong, Tmall, Alibaba Their official store, as for which brand you like to buy, which one to buy?

Instructions for use

    Four picture splitter (VS04) instructions:http://www.eklhd.com/news/7-en.html

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