• Product model

    Xudongtai elk product model Daquan; detailed models including extenders, distributors, switches, converters, amplifiers, etc....

    2018/09/13 BaiDonghui 21

  • VGA converter 1801 physical - map

    Xudongtai VGA Converter (1801) converts the VGA signal output from the computer into an AV signal that can be received by the TV. It supports computer/TV synchronous display and supports 1920*1200p re...

    2018/09/19 BaiDonghui 6

  • IP coaxial network extender (NCR500) instructions

    IP coaxial network extender NCR500 is based on IEEE 1901 technology and supports high-definition video and high-speed data transmission on a variety of media such as coaxial lines and telephone lines....

    2018/09/18 BaiDonghui 7

  • HDMI Network Extender (HU12) Instructions

    Xu Dongtai KVM extender, HDMI network extender (HU12) instructions, KVM extender connection graphic tutorial...

    2018/09/17 BaiDonghui 3

  • Four picture splitter (VS04) instructions

    Four picture splitter (VS04) instructionsIntroduction    Multi-Viewer Switch, using special design image processor and embedded customized operating software, is an advanced video...

    2018/09/14 BaiDonghui 30

  • HDMI picture splitter principle, function, split mode, application and manufacturer

    【HDMI picture splitter】 ​The HDMI picture splitter belongs to one of the picture splitters because its signal interface is the HDMI interface and its name. 【Working principle】 ​Use hardware to divi...

    2018/09/14 BaiDonghui 13

  • 【HDMI cable】Shopping guide

    The HDMI cable on the market do good company has Xu dong tai(EKL)、UGREEN and so on, Xu dong tai is doing wire up, the core is pure copper, more assured in terms of quality. Big brands (like Xu dong ta...

    2018/09/14 BaiDonghui 12

  • 40 m HDMI single cable extender (EX01) Instructions for use

    Usage Instructions, Transmitter Panel, Receiver Panel, System Connection Instructions, and Safety Notes of Xudong Taiekl 40m HDMI Single Network Wire Extender (EX01)...

    2018/09/14 BaiDonghui 27

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