• 8 input and 2 output HDMI switch (812H) instructions

    The HDMI switch 812H switches to 2 HDMI outputs to the TV or display through 8 HDMI inputs, 8 screens are free to switch, audio and video are synchronized, and audio separation function is available

    2019/05/07 ekL 5

  • VGA switching distributor 212/214/412/414 (R) instructions

    High-definition high-resolution VGA switching splitter is a device specially designed for computer high-resolution RGB image display distribution surface

    2019/04/27 ekL 6

  • HDMI splitter (MiniHS104) tutorial

    The 4 ports HDMI splitter distributes one HDMI source to four HDMI sinks. This splitter supports standard HDMI specifica-tions, such as max 10.2Gbps data rate, 12 bit deep color, 3D, lipsync, HD lossless audio format, and 4K*2K PC resolution.

    2019/04/27 ekL 21

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