• 5G100m wireless HDMI extender WE100 connection using video tutorial

    The wireless HDMI extender WE100 can transmit the HDMI signal farthest to 100 meters through the 5G signal in an open environment; the wireless HDMI extender WE100 supports one transmitter and one to four receivers simultaneously connected, and The transmitter supports one HDMI signal output, which is very convenient for connecting multiple HDMI devices.

    2019/08/07 ekL 2

  • HDMI switch / splitter 2H connection instructions

    HDMI switching splitter 2H can distribute 1 HDMI signal input into 2 HDMI signal outputs, and can also switch 2 HDMI input signals freely. 1 HDMI signal output.

    2019/07/24 ekL 9

  • How to connect DVI fiber optic extender DE2000?

    I fiber extender DE2000 supports resolutions up to 1080P@60Hz. Based on fiber-optic transmission media, the audio and video signals are extended for transmission, and the maximum transmission distance can reach 20 kilometers.

    2019/06/01 ekL 7

  • How to connect 100m HDMI Network Extender (HU12)?

    HDMI Network Extender (HU12) is based on a single CAT5/6 network cable transmission medium, the maximum transmission distance can reach 100 meters

    2019/05/20 ekL 6

  • How to connect HDMI extender (HKU200)?

    The HDMI extender (HKU200) supports resolutions up to 1080P@60Hz. Based on a single CAT5/6 network cable transmission medium, the audio and video signals and the mouse and keyboard can be extended for a maximum transmission distance of 200 meters

    2019/05/20 ekL 6

  • 8 input and 2 output HDMI switch (812H) instructions

    The HDMI switch 812H switches to 2 HDMI outputs to the TV or display through 8 HDMI inputs, 8 screens are free to switch, audio and video are synchronized, and audio separation function is available

    2019/05/07 ekL 12

  • VGA switching distributor 212/214/412/414 (R) instructions

    High-definition high-resolution VGA switching splitter is a device specially designed for computer high-resolution RGB image display distribution surface

    2019/04/27 ekL 10

  • HDMI splitter (MiniHS104) tutorial

    The 4 ports HDMI splitter distributes one HDMI source to four HDMI sinks. This splitter supports standard HDMI specifica-tions, such as max 10.2Gbps data rate, 12 bit deep color, 3D, lipsync, HD lossless audio format, and 4K*2K PC resolution.

    2019/04/27 ekL 34

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